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MOMS Club of Wethersfield
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About MOMS Club of Wethersfield
Our Purpose

- To provide a support group to all Wethersfield mothers and their families. 
- To provide a forum for topics pertinent to children, child-raising, homemaking, personal improvement and the family. 
- To engage in activities to enrich the lives of families in the community.
- To undertake and complete charitable, humanitarian or social welfare projects each year.  

We are a group of 50 moms plus almost 100 children who live in Wethersfield.  

We offer support, fun and service!  


Sometimes, it's just nice to have another adult to talk to. We make great connections and do not judge! Our private Facebook group provides an outlet to ask for advice, vent, and celebrate. 

Our Sunshine Committee organizes support to help after a new baby is born, during moments of crisis or sadness, and celebration. Through our meal delivery service, members have provided each other hundreds of meals! 

Our monthly Mom's Night Out (MNO) and Book Club are great adult-only times that provide a much-needed night out of the house with friends!  We also have a running club.


A calendar and newsletter are published each month with ideas of activities to do with your kids and other members. 

Some examples of our monthly get-togethers include playgroups at a member’s home, library programs, playground dates, museum visits and holiday parties!


Community service projects teach our children the importance of helping others. Some of the ways we provide support to our community include:
- Spending time with our seniors.
- Providing clothing to the women at Interval House.
- Organizing food drives.
- Park clean-ups in the Spring and Fall.