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MOMS Club of Wethersfield
Here is what some current MOMS Club members have to say about our club:
"Great resource!"
"Having been a member for a very short time, I've noticed that the moms are really friendly and the group is extremely well-organized. There always seem to be an activity or a fellow member my daughter and I can join and/or meet up with. It's a great resource, even for a native of Wethersfield."
"My go-to group of women"
"MOMS Club has become my 'tribe' of moms. Need to get out of the house with the kiddos? My go-to group of women. Having a rough mommy day and need encouragement? My go-to group of women. Need advice on any kid related topic? My go-to group of women. I'm so grateful to have this MOMS Club for so many reasons."
"Grateful for supportive network"
"This club has been a godsend for me! Being able to receive and give advice, to sell or pass along kids stuff, getting out of the house to let Jackson play with other kids while I get adult time, book club and MNO has all been so extremely valuable to me. I am so grateful to be a part of such a supportive network :)"
Testimonials about the MOMS Club of Wethersfield
"Large community of local moms"
"Being new to both Wethersfield and motherhood, I didn't have a strong local support system when I first brought my newborn home from the hospital. All that changed when I joined the MOMS Club a few months later. I immediately became part of a large community of local moms, where I could get insightful and experienced parenting advice, find out about local events/resources/sales/freebies/etc., meet up for play dates or the much-needed Moms Night Out, and most importantly, get reassurance from all different types of supportive moms that I was doing a good job. New motherhood is hard enough as it is - you don't want to have to go through it without a support system!"
"Truly special"
"MOMS Club has been such a positive force in not only my life, but the life of my son. He was born in October of 2013 and that winter was brutal on me as a new mother. With frigid temperatures and a baby at home I felt isolated. It was tough to make the hours pass without feeling lonely and unsure of myself as a mother. I joined the MOMS Club the following spring and have had such a positive experience. The women I have met are all from diverse backgrounds, yet we all have in common our desire to see our kids grow up happy and healthy. The environment of moms promotes socialization for moms and kids in an atmosphere free of judgement. My best friends now are moms in the group and my son's best friends are children of those moms. The best part of the organization has been to have the resources of other moms, who are happy to help in any circumstance. Whether you need to vent about naptime and fussy eaters or you just need a friendly face at the park, the MOMS Club of Wethersfield has created an environment for my son and I that I believe is truly special."